Richard A. "Rick" Laney
P.O. Box 3954, Honolulu, HI 96812
Ph: (808) 988-5988
   Fax: (808) 455-1499

   Web Site: www.SSD.US


Areas of expertise include: design engineering, project management, operations management, construction supervision, maintenance management, marine systems, commercial diving, tourist and research submarines, hyperbaric systems, hydraulics, electrical power design, generation and distribution.  Underwater Video and Film production support.  HD Video editing.  Computer and network system design, installation maintenance and operation. 

1988 to the PRESENT:

Marine Consultant doing business as Submersible Systems Development. Services provided are: Design Engineering, Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering, Marine Electrical, Project Management, Shipyard Supervision, and Contract Negotiations. SSD provides a full range of product and business development services. SSD develops submersible hardware and instrumentation, underwater housings and specialty marine craft. SSD has a wet sub and Underwater HD Video camera and provides underwater film and video support services.
Microsoft Solutions Provider offering services such as Network Design, Installation and Maintenance.  Server hosting.  Web Site Development and Domain Hosting, Exchange Email Servers, Business Automation Systems, Microsoft SQL Database Design with ASP.Net Web Integration and Internet Commerce Systems.


Makai Ocean Engineering. Projects included: ocean thermal energy conversion pipelines, shore based and submerged pumping stations, seabed cable laying, marine surveys, sea bottom mapping, Naval architecture, boat building, dock construction, Aegir under sea habitat maintenance, tourist and research submarines, ocean activity centers, support vessels for tourist and research submarines, sea water oxygen extraction gills for diesel and fuel cell submarine power systems, hyperbaric chambers, process and control systems, hydraulics and aquaculture. Experienced in the use of AutoCAD's computer-aided drawing system. Projects have encompassed the entire range of activity from design to construction to operation and maintenance.


Miscellaneous Jobs providing services such as: commercial diver, maintenance mechanic, electrician, process designer, welder, pipe fitter, fabricator, submersible hydraulics systems, hyperbaric construction, operation and maintenance, underwater explosives, underwater welding and construction and undersea habitat maintenance. Selected companies employed by: Healy-Tibbitts Construction Co., Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company, Robert Thomas Hill Home Builders, SEACO/NOSC, Pacific Yacht Repairs, Puerto Rico Inter-National Undersea Laboratories, Fluor Ocean Services, Oceanographic Services and Petrolane Offshore Construction.


Petroleum Engineering at Texas Tech University, Marine Diving Technology at Santa Barbara City College and Ocean Engineering at Florida Atlantic University. Other courses in: Business Management, Finance, Accounting & Marketing at University of Hawaii. Microsoft and Novel computer network courses.


Networks, PC and Server hardware and software selection, installation and operation.  All Microsoft Operating Systems and Desktop Applications, AutoCAD, Multimedia productions, the internet, telecommunications, sound reinforcement systems, audio and video recording and editing,  underwater audio, video and film production.


The Marine Technology Society, SNAME.  Microsoft Partner.  Venture Capital Association of Hawaii, Electronic Pizza, Cyber Pizza, Inventors, Entrepreneurs and Investors meetings at the Manoa Innovation Center, Electric Vehicle Association of Hawaii, Hawaii Telecommunications Association, Attendee of University of Hawaii's OTTED presentations (Office of Technology Transfer and Economic Development)

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